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Red Sky Resorts strives to provide exceptional customer service for both the guest and the homeowner.

Our marketing and booking services provide travelers a world-class booking experience with a personal touch and our local property managers ensure that every aspect of the guest stay is outstanding.  We provide homeowners with the easiest and most effective way to generate rental income. The Red Sky team is dedicated to improving the vacation rental experience by eliminating hassle, guesswork and frustration at every turn.

Call us at 949-285-0018 or email us at

Larry Schott, Owner Red Sky Resorts

An avid skier and mountain biker, Larry, enjoys Park City and the variety of recreational opportunities it offers. He treasures the area and purchased a home in Deer Valley many years ago. Several Park City homeowners began asking Larry to manage their vacation rentals.  From his excellent property management, came client referrals and Red Sky Resorts was formed.  Larry’s on-site property managers offer exceptional service, which allows Larry to split his time between Park City and Newport Coast. Larry’s motto is to, “Provide a world-class vacation rental experience for both owner and guest”.

  Meg Harrison, Guest & Owner Relations

A business & marketing major with a background in luxury real estate, Meg, assists owners and guests offering her expertise and personalized service to ensure that guests experience their dream vacation.

You may reach Meg at  or (949) 922-8419